2nd Asia-Pacific Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management
“Discover, learn and share about complex systems engineering.”

Contributed Talks

Friday 26 February 2016 - Contributed talks

17 papers listed below are selected by the Conference Program Committee. Their full articles will be included into the Conference Proceedings edited by Springer Verlag in "Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing" series book with an ISBN number, indexed in EI, ISI and referenced by DBLP.

At least one of the authors of these papers will come to the conference and realize their 30-minute contributed talks in two parallel sessions of this 3rd day of the conference

A farewell ceremony will end the day and the best papers among these will be announced and awarded at this moment by the General Chairs and the Committees Chairs of the conference.

  • Introducing Cyber Security at the Design Stage of Public Infrastructures: A Procedure and Case Study - Sridhar Adepu and Aditya Mathur (Singapore University of Techonology and Design – SG)
  • Inferring activities and optimal trips: lessons from Singapore’s National Science Experiment - Barnabe Monnot, Georgios Piliouras, Erik Wilhelm, Yuren Zhou (SUTD – SG), Daniel Dahlmeier, Hai Yun Lu and Jin Wang (SAP – SG)
  • Design for Affordability from System to Programme to Portfolio using Tradespace-based Affordability Analysis: An Application to a Federated Satellite System Design Case Study1 - Marcus Shihong Wu (Defence Science & Technology Agency - SG)
  • Portfolio Decision Technology for Designing Optimal Syndemic Management Strategies - Matteo Convertino and Yang Liu (University of Minnesota - US)
  • Managing the Embedded Systems Development Process with Product LifeCycle Management - Emilio Gomez, Eliane Fourgeau and Michel Hagege (Dassault Systemes – FR)
  • A Model-Based Testing Process for Enhancing Structural Coverage in Functional Testing - Yanjun Sun, Gerard Memmi and Sylvie Vignes (Télécom ParisTech - FR)
  • Framework for Managing System-of-System Ilities - Zhengyi Lian and Siow Hiang Teo (DSTA – SG)
  • Foresight Study on Singapore Urban Mobility: Methodologies and Preliminary Insights - Seyed Mehdi Zahraei, Christopher Choo, Waqas Cheema and Lynette Cheah (SUTD - SG)
  • Holistic Integrated Decisions Trade-Off Analysis-Baseline for an Optimal Virtual IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) - Arevik Gevorgyan, Daniel Krob (Laboratoire d’Informatique LIX École Polytechnique - FR) and Peter Spencer (Alcatel-Lucent – FR)
  • Renewable integration in island systems – a system dynamics assessment - George Matthew, William J Nuttall, Ben Mestel and Laurence Dooley (The Open University – UK)
  • An optimization framework for terminal sequencing and scheduling: The single runway case - Jitamitra Desai and Rakesh Prakash (Nanyang Technology University - SG)
  • Ontology for Weather Observation System - Yuki Onozuka, Makoto Ioki and Seiko Shirasaka (Keio University – JP)
  • A Systematic Approach to Safe Coordination of Dynamic Participants in Real-time Distributed Systems - Mong Leng Sin (DSO National Laboratories – SG)
  • A general framework for critical infrastructure interdependencies modeling using economic input-output model and network analysis - Jiwei Lin, Kang Tai, Robert Tiong Lee Kong (NTU – SG) and Mong Soon Sim (DSO National Laboratories - SG)
  • Establishment of Model-Based Systems Engineering Approach for Rapid Transit System Operation Analysis - Sin Hin Oh, Mohamad Azman Othman and Chuan Heng Tan (Land Transport Authority - SG)
  • Expansionism-Based Design and System of Systems – Jianxi Luo (SUTD – SG)
  • Stephen Kheh Chew Chai, Mohd. Faisal Bin Zainal Abiden, Hui Min Ng, Shawn Thian, Sidney Tio, Serge Landry and Antoine Fagette (Thales – SG/FR)