2nd Asia-Pacific Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management
“Discover, learn and share about complex systems engineering.”


Welcoming words from the Provost of Singapore University of Technology and Design Please click here

Welcoming words from the two General Co-Chairs:

"Dear All,

The opening edition of the international conference on Complex Systems Design and Management Asia (CSD&M Asia) was held at the National University of Singapore last December 10-12, 2014. Almost four hundred speakers and participants, both from academic, government and industry, gathered and worked together during three days with great success. Now the same pleasure is mine to welcome you again to the second edition, this time to be held at the Singapore University of Technology and Design in 2016. The goal of our conference is to bring together, academic researchers, government officials and industry partners, both from Asia-Pacific and other parts of the world, to work together on the modeling, analysis, planning & design, implementation, operation & maintenance of large scale complex systems. Our ambition is to transform CSD&M Asia to be THE annual meeting in Asia and to develop systems architecture as an academic discipline and industry practice, seeking an equal balance of academic, government and industry contributions. Singapore, being a pioneer in complex systems design and management for more than 50 years, remains authentic and is happy to host again such an event in Asia, especially through our collaboration with CESAMES (Paris, France) and all partners. Please join us to keep developing and to help promoting this emerging and exciting field."

Professor Pao Chuen LUI
General Co-Chair of the Conference CSD&M Asia 2016,
Adviser, National Research Foundation, Prime Minister’s Office - Singapore.

"Dear Colleagues, Dear Guests,

The first edition of the international conference "Complex Systems Design & Management Asia" (CSD&M Asia) took place with great success in December 2014 at the National University of Singapore. This event was created by the French Center of Excellence on Systems Architecture, Management, Economy & Strategy (CESAMES) which already organized the now well established CSD&M conference in Europe for more than 5 years. The core principles that lead to the success of these conferences are also put at the heart of CSD&M Asia, seeking a balance between academia, government and industry partners. Indeed, we believe that mastering complexity can only be achieved with a strong and true cooperation between all key stakeholders. We are therefore happy to renew this collaboration with Singapore, a leading country in the world of complex systems architecture & engineering. Thanks in particular to Professor Pao Chuen LUI, Professor Tow Chong CHONG and all our collaborating partners. We look very much forward to the participation of the Asia-Pacific systems community to this upcoming second edition of CSD&M Asia."

Professor Daniel KROB
General Co-Chair of the Conference CSD&M Asia 2016,
Institute Professor, Ecole Polytechnique - France,
President of CESAMES - France