System Configuration

Required Present
PHP Version 5.0 5.6.40-0+deb8u12
DOMDocument extension Yes 20031129
PCRE Yes Yes
Zlib Yes 2.0
MBString extension Yes Yes
GD Yes Yes
opcache For better performances Zend OPCache 7.0.6-devFE
GMagick or IMagick Better with transparent PNG images
No. Recommended for better performances

DOMPDF Configuration

Config name Value Description Status
DOMPDF_DIR '/var/www/cesames/csdm-asia/2016/dompdf' Root directory of DOMPDF Readable
DOMPDF_INC_DIR '/var/www/cesames/csdm-asia/2016/dompdf/include' Include directory of DOMPDF Readable
DOMPDF_LIB_DIR '/var/www/cesames/csdm-asia/2016/dompdf/lib' Third-party libraries directory of DOMPDF Readable
DOMPDF_ADMIN_USERNAME ****** The username required to access restricted sections
DOMPDF_ADMIN_PASSWORD ****** The password required to access restricted sections Password should be changed
DOMPDF_FONT_DIR '/var/www/cesames/csdm-asia/2016/dompdf/lib/fonts/' Directory containing fonts loaded into DOMPDF Not writable
DOMPDF_FONT_CACHE '/var/www/cesames/csdm-asia/2016/dompdf/lib/fonts/' Font metrics cache (used mainly by CPDF) Not writable
DOMPDF_TEMP_DIR '/tmp' Temporary folder Writable
DOMPDF_CHROOT '/var/www/cesames/csdm-asia/2016/dompdf' Restricted path Readable
DOMPDF_UNICODE_ENABLED true Unicode support (with supporting fonts)
DOMPDF_ENABLE_FONTSUBSETTING false Enable font subsetting, will make smaller documents when using Unicode fonts
DOMPDF_PDF_BACKEND 'CPDF' Backend library that renders the output (PDF, image)
DOMPDF_DEFAULT_MEDIA_TYPE 'screen' Default media type (print, screen, ...)
DOMPDF_DEFAULT_PAPER_SIZE 'a4' Default paper size (A4, letter, ...)
DOMPDF_DEFAULT_FONT 'serif' Default font, used if the specified font in the CSS stylesheet was not found
DOMPDF_DPI 96 DPI scale of the document
DOMPDF_ENABLE_PHP false Inline PHP support
DOMPDF_ENABLE_JAVASCRIPT true Inline JavaScript support
DOMPDF_ENABLE_REMOTE true Allow remote stylesheets and images allow_url_fopen enabled
DOMPDF_LOG_OUTPUT_FILE '/var/www/cesames/csdm-asia/2016/dompdf/lib/fonts/log.htm' The file in which dompdf will write warnings and messages Not writable
DOMPDF_FONT_HEIGHT_RATIO 1.1000000000000001 The line height ratio to apply to get a render like web browsers
DOMPDF_ENABLE_CSS_FLOAT false Enable CSS float support (experimental)
DOMPDF_ENABLE_AUTOLOAD true Enable the DOMPDF autoloader
DOMPDF_AUTOLOAD_PREPEND false Prepend the dompdf autoload function to the SPL autoload functions already registered instead of appending it
DOMPDF_ENABLE_HTML5PARSER false Enable the HTML5 parser (experimental)
DEBUGPNG false Debug PNG images
DEBUGKEEPTEMP false Keep temporary image files
DEBUGCSS false Debug CSS
DEBUG_LAYOUT false Debug layout
DEBUG_LAYOUT_LINES true Debug text lines layout
DEBUG_LAYOUT_BLOCKS true Debug block elements layout
DEBUG_LAYOUT_INLINE true Debug inline elements layout
DEBUG_LAYOUT_PADDINGBOX true Debug padding boxes layout